The Elysian is just a few minutes from Bali’s most famous beach. But there’s a lot more to our neighborhood Tucked-away in a peaceful, winding side street, The Elysian is moments from the heart of Bali’s most vibrant shopping and eating area and it’s trendiest street. Nick-named ‘eat street’ there are gourmet cafes, world-famous restaurants catering to all tastes –and lively bars. Designer boutiques filled with the latest fashions sit side-by-side with intriguing shops crammed with original artwork, amazing crafts, rare antiques and modern Balinese home-wares.

Best things to do in Seminyak.One of Bali’s most famous beachfront venues Ku De Ta is just a couple of minutes away where sunset set drinks are must. It is also the home to some of Bali’s most famous events including the ‘White Party’, the “Bikini Party’ and “I am an Angel”. Also nearby are La Lucciola and Chez Gado Gado, two other beautiful beachfront venues that have put Seminyak on the ‘Diners Map’. Seminyak is home to one of Bali’s most important and revered temples, which you are welcome to visit and which is the centre of many of the colorful and regular ceremonies which make Bali so unique.

Seminyak Bar and Restaurant


Nighttime is always lively in Seminyak and often world class DJ’s are attracted to add even more life to the nightlife. The list of international standard venues is also expanding at a rapid rate.

Best things to do in Seminyak: Potato Head, Woo Bar W, KuDeTa, Mirror, Mixwell, Hu’u Bar, Jenja, Bali Joe, are just some of our popular ‘neighbors’. Our nightly updates will ensure you hear who’s in town and where they’re playing.

Seminyak Restaurant Dinning


There is an endless choice of dining options in Seminyak. The diverse styles, settings, ambience and cuisines ensure there is something for every budget. Some of the finest dining experiences can be found at: Ku De Ta, Metis, Sarong, Mama San, La Luciolla, Chandi and Sardine. La Favola and Motel Mexicana are very popular recent additions Ultimo, Ryoshi, Café Bali, La Sal, Mannekepis, Made’s Warung, Rumours are also long term favorites.

accessories shop for Seminyak tour itinerary


Seminyak is the home to many original designer boutiques with products that range from lavish bags to shoes, clothing and jewellery. To name just a few to add on your list: Sabattha, Nilou, Paul Ropp, Religion, Biasa, Puravida, 69 Slam, Uma and Leopold, Aveda, Uluwatu, Jemme and Grammes.

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