Body Massages

Reviving Mood | 90 min IDR 580,000++

Body Massage Tropical - Tropical Fruits Scrub

A full body massage follow by tropical body scrub made from natural fruit gently cleanse your skin as it exfoliates, leave you in relaxing mood ,with smooth and healthy skin.

Kiwis, herb for Seminyak Spa

Balinese Massage | 90 minutes - IDR 530,000++ | 60 minutes - IDR 430,000++

Experience the naturally intuitive touch of our Balinese therapists as they use ancient techniques to increase blood flow and oxygen to deeper tissues. The effects of long palm pressure strokes leave you feeling calm and content.

spa in Seminyak, hot stone

Hot Stone Massage | 90 minutes - IDR 5500,000++

Escape into your own private world as smooth basalt stones are heated then used to stroke and massage your muscles in flowing movements. This gentle technique improves suppleness and encourages mental tranquility.

a woman having a Spa Seminyak massage

Stress Relief Massage | 45 minutes - IDR 320,000++

Restore your peace of mind after busy days as pressure is applied to specific points aligning the back, shoulders and scalp. The focus is to reduce deep–rooted muscle tension, which then relieves mental fatigue.

Seminyak Spa, Foot hot stone massage

Foot Reflexology | 60 minutes - IDR 380,000++ | 30 minutes - 230.000++

A natural healing art, reflexology works on the principle that applying pressure to points on the feet can affect related areas elsewhere in the body. This therapy can help circulation, improve immune function and energy levels.

hands massage in Seminyak spa

Deep Tissue Therapy | 90 minutes - IDR 550,000++

This rigorous and intensive massage works within your personal pleasure/pain threshold and can release chronic tension and toxic accumulation. Please ensure to consume plenty of restorative fluids post massage.

Rejuvenating Youthful Massage | 60 minutes - IDR 460, 000++

Anti-aging Massage

Start with a relaxing hot towel ritual, this signature massage not only ease muscle tension but wonderfully restore youthful-looking skin, lifting and firming. Rich in Squalane oil, vitamin E, Lavender and Orange oil to counteracts premature aging and glowing skin.

Relax & Renew | 90 min IDR 590,000++

Body Massage, Express Organic Facial

Receive a relaxing massage with a medium pressure and continue with an Organic Express Facial ,it will relief your muscles  tension  and also its cleanse, soften and freshen your face.

Spa in Seminyak, Hand Masage

Signature Massage | 90 minutes - IDR 560,000++ | 60 minutes - IDR 460,000++

The Elysian’s exclusive signature massage. The pink grapefruit oil is specially designed for this treatment. The technique is inspired by harmonizing the yoga with gentle tension and stretching moves. Awaken your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being.

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